Just when you’re thinking your days going nowhere, the unexpected happens…

This is a review (slightly edited) I received today from a Kindergarten school teacher in the USA

Hey Gary,

It’s been too long! It was over a year ago when we met and were able to hike up Lion’s Head! Anyway (I was part of the Vanderbilt group from Nashville), I’m well into my first year teaching now and I wanted to email you to let you know that using your book in my kindergarten classroom has brought so much joy to my kindergarteners aged between 5 and 6. Using The Magic that’s Ours in the beginning of the year really inspired my class to fully use their imagination in all that they do. I do an extensive writers workshop unit all year long and it is the absolutely perfect complement to that program. With each “Fun Time” my students become more and more excited to get right to their desks and write. You should have seen the illustrations and stories they wrote about Joel and Jina. 

We recently started the Power that is Ours and again they have that same enthusiasm and fire for the story. I often have students running up to me asking if we are going to be able to read it every day. You have such a great ability to reach the youngest learners with mature content that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. I have pulled aside a couple great examples of their work and would love to send them your way. Maybe taking a picture of them and then sending you the photo will work best? 

Have a beautiful day!

Emily Wartinbee- Teacher at a Spanish Immerson School-USA